Falon Martin – Holistic Birth Services


Falon Martin - Holistic Birth Services

Meet Falon

As a doting mother of three, my journey into birth really began with my first pregnancy.. 

It was through my research, insatiable thirst for knowledge and following my instincts on all things baby, that my passion for childbirth grew. I am committed to supporting families through their pregnancy and birth experiences by providing them with the resources, tools and compassion to achieve their best birth.

Holistic birth services include prenatal, birth and postpartum support, Craniosacral Fascia Therapy (CFT), Theta Healing + Access Bars Practitioner and dynamic body balancing facilitator, I have been supporting growing families in our community for last seven years. Offering individualized and family-centered support, providing a full range of services from wellness sessions, childbirth education, to fertility, pregnancy, birth support and continuing with postpartum care. Committed to holistic care, services include a mind+ body approach to balancing both structurally and energetically, optimize relaxation, comfort and positioning during pregnancy as well as recovery post-birth.