Covid-19 Update

We continue to be open and keep up with the changing COVID 19 policies. Please note, that while protection is important, here at Connection Chiropractic, connection and healing are our priority. We need not only to be safe but to FEEL safe in an environment to connect and heal. Please let us know if you have questions, needs, or what ifs that are different than the clarification provided below.

Please delay your visit if you have had close contact or live with someone who has COVID 19. Please delay your visit if you have any new or worsening symptoms of COVID 19 until symptoms are resolving (assuming no positive test). If you have had a positive COVID 19 test, please delay 10 days from onset of symptoms or positive test (whichever comes first) and until acute symptoms have resolved. Please reach out if you have more questions, or any special considerations. We’ll happily walk you through the what-ifs. Our college continues to ask that you wear a mask when attending the office and sanitize your hands upon entry. Here is a video review.

We look forward to seeing you!