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by | Oct 24, 2021 | Health | 6 comments

One of the most common things I hear in practice is “I think I have a rib out, is that possible”? Yes, it sure is! In fact with the additional stress and shift to home offices and resulting worse posture, I see it more than ever. Check out what I have to say about having a “rib out”, and what you can do about it:


  1. Great information on ribs! Thank you for
    Taking the time to explain this issue
    Well done.
    See you soon in neighborhood with your cute dog
    and lovely children.

    • My pleasure! And yes, I hope our paths cross soon!!

  2. Thank you!!

    • You are most welcome Jan!
      Dr. Pip

  3. Went back and watched this again today- because our family all remembered it and one of us (and all of us!) needed a refresher- great help!

    • While I’m not glad it was necessary, I AM thrilled that I could give you (or one of you) a tool!!


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