The Origin of Connection Chiropractic

 Are you ready for this one? We signed the deal for Connection Chiropractic building the week before we shut down for 3 months for covid in March 2020. As a chiropractor I realized at an even deeper level how much I wanted to care for people in my new space. It had been a journey of reflection and searching for a space for 6 months, leading up to that 3 months out of practice. During those 3 months, I realized that being ripped away from so many relationships that had been ongoing for months and years was intensely painful, for me and the people in the practice. I talked to many of my patients throughout those months on the phone and online and realized the genuine connection we have. That and the realization that we cannot be well without connection and gave me the name Connection Chiropractic! Because physical, physiological, neurological, emotional connections are absolutely essential to health! Check out our office tour here.


Dr. Pip and Family

About Dr. Pip

Dr. Pip Penrose is a chiropractor focusing on care for the whole family, from infants to elderly, and even your family dog. 


I have always been a high energy gal. I LOVE being involved in lots of activity and doing all I can to connect with people. Growing up all I cared about was dancing. School and all else came second. I had no off switch and in fact prided myself on not stopping and being able to tackle a lot of things. Sound familiar? I hated showing weakness. I wanted to prove that as a small gal I was strong and capable, never needing to say no to a challenge. I, like many teens, was not interested in taking care of my health. At 16 I started to learn about healing because I had my first of two rounds of severe mono, taking me out of life for several months, twice. This was a very tough lesson and a long road to recovery. It was then I was introduced to chiropractic. I wanted nothing more than to get back to pushing myself and not needing to say no or “give up”. But my body needed rest and a chance to start healing. I went to a chiropractor to help heal, to improve my immune function, and my overall stress response.

My chiropractor, Dr. Susan Shaw in Barrie, taught me to listen to my body, to actually connect to the levels of energy and fatigue. I started to learn about self care. At 16. That was a long time ago by the way, and I’m still learning about self care and how to honour the needs of my body, brain, and soul! My chiropractic adjustments became an integral part of my health and healing, my dance performance (I could feel the music better, while my balance and performance improved), as well as helping me heal from a car accident a bit later on. In short, chiropractic care became the base of my health care and my understanding of our body’s innate healing ability. We were born to be healthy, we just need no interference, and chiropractic the way I chose to help people heal.

Pip Penrose and Jason Young
Pip Penrose and Children

Now it’s part of our family’s care. I have two kids who were adjusted since birth. Now 8 years old, Charlie has been asking for her adjustments since she was 18 months old. Ollie, who is 6, loves nothing better than an adjustment right before bed! My husband Jason also gets adjusted regularly of course. After sitting all day at work and then playing hockey and keeping up with kids he knows that he functions much better when he is adjusted. Jorja, our golden retriever pup, follows along with the family with regular chiropractic too! It was my first retriever, Jasper, who started my journey to adjusting animals.

When I take moments away from family, you can often find me walking, running, doing yoga, reading or finding time with friends! And always striving for more vitality and balance. Eating well, sleeping well, time together, and getting adjusted are always part of our family rhythm. I practice what I preach personally, professionally, and as a mom. My greatest values in life are family, health, learning, and helping others!